Wang Ching Liu

The author, Ms Wang-Ching LIU is the Award-Winner in Language Guides category of the "National Best Books 2008 Awards" for her book titles "Travel to China with my pocket book : speak Mandarin right away." (Wang-Ching LIU shared this award with Marie-France FAY, the co-author of this book.)

She has received (for her first book titled "Chinese Easy To Learn") three FINALIST Awards :
"The National Best Books 2007 Awards" in Category Education/Academic and "The National Best Books 2007 Awards" in Category Language Guides sponsored by USA Book News; also "The Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards" in Category Education/Academic.

She is a member of the Canadian Authors Association (CAA), the Association of English Language Publishers of Quebec (AELAQ) and The PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association in USA. She is writing a series of books that teach Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Aware of the growing importance of the Chinese language (mainly Mandarin) in the world of tourism and in international business; the author decided to write this book with the hope of helping traveling foreign businesspeople facilitate communication with the Chinese and to learn the Chinese language.

With this book, they can make a home study and learn how to read, write and speak basic Mandarin Chinese (known as "pu-tong-hua" or "guo-yu".)

In order to achieve this goal, the author does not follow the traditional way of writing Chinese characters; instead she has developed a simplified methodology to create a kind of “break through” writing method to help foreigners to learn, remember and write Chinese characters without pain.

The author received her education in several countries and in different fields:

  • National Taiwan University
    ( Foreign Languages & Literature Department, graduated in 1978 .)
  • Alliance Francaise de Hong Kong
    ( Français Avancé 1978 - 1981)
  • University of Montreal (Continuing Education) :
    ( French Conversation Level V 1992 - 1993.)
  • McGill University ( Continuing Education ):
    • Certificate of Proficiency in English ( graduated in 1997.)
    • Diploma in Management
      ( Concentration in International Business – graduated in 1999. )
    • Computer Science
      ( Software Technology – graduated in 2003.)


Inspiration to write this book:
The pleasure of mastering a foreign language gives me the inspiration to write this book.

In my opinion, I believe that whatever we are going to learn, we must bear in mind --- “where there is a will, there is a way.” Thus, I emphasize the “way” or methodology in learning a foreign language, especially in learning Mandarin Chinese. First of all, you must have a will to learn, and with my methodology (now it becomes your tool) you will successfully learn how to write 500 Chinese words in a month!

Many foreigners learn to speak Mandarin and Chinese Phonetic Alphabet only, they do not learn to write Chinese characters of the complexity and difficulty of the Chinese language. This is why I have simplified the writing process in order to arouse the interest of foreign students and help them to have fun in the learning process.

I have applied state-of-art techniques and used modern expression of the 21st Century to write my books, hoping that readers will gain a general idea of Chinese culture and this will be convenient when traveling in China.


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